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BrassCraft® has been a leader in providing quality gas connectors for ranges, dryers, tankless water heater, gas log and space heaters for many years.

We launched our line of CFS products in August 2017.  Our expertise in manufacturing connectors and in the understanding of codes and standards made us the perfect company to branch out into the commercial food industry.  When developing our BrassCraft® CFS products we also ensured that safety was front-of-mind for you and your customers by also offering accessories that help prevent strain on the gas connectors.

Commercial kitchens are designed for production and food safety.  Most commercial kitchens use professional equipment. Food service equipment is often made from stainless steel, and can be easily moved for cleaning and sanitization.  It’s a growing industry.  There are over 640,000 restaurants in the Unites States including full service, casual, family and fine dining (NPD Feb 2018) and there are predictions of at least a 4% growth in the purchase of cooking equipment and refrigeration/ice machines in 2018 (2018 FER Forecast).

As professionals, you can rely on BrassCraft CFS products the same way you do with our traditional water, gas, fittings and drain products.  We stand behind our products so you can be secure in your decision to install our CFS products.  We didn’t jump into commercial food service lightly.  We dug deep – we spent time researching the industry and its needs and how the products are used by our professionals.

BrassCraft CFS has a comprehensive line of products including:

  • Gas connectors – 3 /4” and 1” ID moveable gas connectors in lengths from 36” to 72”
  • Quick disconnect fittings – 1 /2” to 1” ID
  • Gas ball valves – 1 /2” to 1” FIP
  • Swivel fittings – 3/4” and 1” ID
  • Restraining kits – 24” to 72” lengths cables
  • Wheel position kits
  • Ice maker connector kits – 1/4″ comp. from 12” to 96”

All products are available individually or in convenient installation kits, providing the professional with everything they need for the installation in one box.

Gas Connectors:

  • Designed for use in commercial spaces with moveable equipment
  • Antimicrobial coating to inhibit growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • For use with high BTU gas cooking appliances
  • 360° rotation end fitting that helps reduce stress on the connector
  • The braiding is tightly woven to help protect tube from stretching

Quick Disconnect Fittings:

  • Easy, one-handed quick-disconnect to help make connecting and disconnecting easier and safer with moveable equipment
  • For use with high BTU gas cooking appliances
  • Features a unique thermal shut-off design that automatically shuts off the gas when the internal temperature exceeds 200°F

Gas Ball Valves:

  • 1 /4 turn open or closed operation
  • Full port
  • For use with high BTU gas cooking appliances
  • 100% leak tested

Swivel Fittings:

  • 360° swivel action
  • Allows for greater movement range for gas equipment
  • Ideal for tight installations
  • For use with high BTU gas cooking appliances
  • Helps reduce stress on gas connectors

Restraining Kits & Wheel Positioning Systems:

  • To help prevent accidental strain on the gas connector

Click here to view our BrassCraft CFS product brochure and price list.

Expanding your knowledge in the commercial food industry can make you and your company more valuable.  Here are a couple of resources:




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