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Every day I get a number of e-newsletters, magazines and various posts from social media and news feeds.  Some interesting, some not so much!    So I thought I would put a handful of links/information together that I thought worthwhile in case you missed them.

Looking for a great organization to donate your time and talent to?  Take a look at Plumbers Without Borders.

Their vision is “a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation – where senseless suffering and disease is eradicated by the implementation of appropriate plumbing and sanitary systems.”

The organization connects volunteer plumbing and mechanical tradespersons with organizations committed to increasing access to safe water and sanitation. PWB is building an online database network of volunteers, organizations and projects.

For more information go to:

Read  PMI’s Message to Congress on Their Support of the WaterSense Program

Read the coverage of the PHCC Educational Foundation’s Apprentice Contests Highlight Talents of Next Generation in PHCP PROS

Read the article in Contractor magazine:  ABC’s Bellaman appointed to presidential apprenticeship task force

Gives you a little insight as to what our government is doing to help with the skills gap.

A Plumber’s Job Is More Than Just Repairing Fixtures

Here’s a fun article that help us remember how far we’ve come! – The American Inventions That Revolutionized Manufacturing

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