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BrassCraft® products are designed with the professional plumber in mind, never losing sight of what they really need to get the job done right the first time. We stand behind our products because we understand reputation and reliability are the only things that matter when the job is finished.

Many of our products are designed to allow for a quick and easy installation with few tools needed, but provide the dependability and quality you have come to expect from BrassCraft® products.

When you are doing a new installation or repair using CPVC, PEX or copper pipe, push connect products are by far the quickest and easiest way to go.  Push technology is becoming such a convenient way of installation for DIY homeowners and professional plumbers because of its design for simplification of installation. Push-products have an internal structure that allows them to create a watertight seal when they are pushed onto a pipe.

  • One of the advantages of the push connect technology is that no tools are required for installation and can be installed on three types of tubing.
  • The speed of making a connection with push connect products is perhaps the biggest advantage.
  • In an emergency, you can quickly cap or repair a pipe by simply pushing on a push connect fitting.
  • Push connect products are a great way to make connections without having to solder or use clamps, unions or glue.
  • Pipes need not be perfectly dry when using push connect products. This is in contrast with CPVC and PVC, which must be bone-dry before solvent gluing; or copper pipes, which also must be dry before soldering with a torch.
  • Push connect products are available in various materials for different kinds of applications. Almost all pipe types have corresponding push connect fittings designed for them.
  • Our product lines for push connect products include a wide variety of sizes and configurations, for just about any application you can imagine.
  • Push connect products are easily removed. If the connection is meant as a temporary fix, it can be used and then easily removed from the pipe.
  • An enhanced benefit of BrassCraft® technology is the pre-inserted tube stiffener that self-aligns with the tubing.

BrassCraft provides a wide variety of push connect products:  stops and water heater connectors.  Our Plumbshop® brand of products also provides a full line of both copper and brass push connect fittings.

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G2 Water Supply stops 

Braided Polymer and Stainless Steel Water Heater Connectors


For installation tips review the video:

Many years ago, Robert Zell questioned the need for such unwieldy, hard-to-work with materials and developed the first flexible, one-piece supply for plumbing connections. This single innovation revolutionized the plumbing industry saving plumbers time, material and money, not to mention it simplified the entire installation process.

Why spend more time under a sink, in a cabinet or on the floor than you have to!  BrassCraft’s one-piece water supply combines our trusted brass water valve with our flexible braided polymer connector for one quick easy-to-install solution. We have configurations for toilet and faucet connections.

Here are some of the features of the one-piece supply:

  • Compatible with copper, PEX and CPVC
  • Available in push connect
  • Smooth, quarter-turn operation, on/off flow control with a 90 degree turn of the handle
  • 1-piece design saves installation time and cost
  • 1-piece shut-off mechanism ensures smooth operation without freeze-ups even after long periods without use
  • Use to hookup cold or hot water supply
  • External corrosion resistance to most common household, tile and glass cleaners
  • Tough PVC inner hose resists attack by chlorine, chloramines and other corrosive elements
  • No lead certified

Click here  to review the product information sheet.

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