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Jill Shippy

Here are a handful of links/information I think you’ll find worthwhile.  Every day I get a number of e-newsletters, magazines and various posts from social media and news feeds.  Some interesting, some not so much!   Thought I’d pass a few along!

Read the article on PHCC’s website: Service and Repair Contractors Get the Tools and Strategies They Need to Future-Proof Their Businesses.

Great way to recognize a coworker:  PM launches Plumber of the Month contest.

 Mike Rowe

Have you seen the latest series on Facebook from Mike Rowe?  It’s called Returning the Favor.  Great feel good stories!

Everyone knows how involved Mike Rowe has been in helping develop the trades’ workforce.  Well here is one very interesting episode is on an organization called “Girls Build”.  A camp for girls 8 – 14 years old where they learn the basics of building, including carpentry, plumbing, electricity, concrete, sheet metal and much more! Girls have fun with other girls their age, learning the basics of many trades from skilled female instructors:

Take a look and get some inspiration!

Where the Water is Flowing: New Trends in Plumbing Technology Read the article:

Smart Water Technology Provides Growth Opportunity

PHCC has an interactive business interest group for PHCC members.  It’s provides resources and specific technology-oriented information technology for running your business along with product information and apps.  Visit:

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