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Tools For The Professional 

Tools For The Professional


Developed for the professional, Cobra Pro products are the tools that experienced plumbers go to for handling the most challenging jobs – from the most difficult access points to the nastiest clogs.    Cobra Pro products are tools they can trust – the quality and performance they need in demanding environments.


Cobra Pro Tools are the experienced plumber’s tool of choice.  They feature optimized corrosion resistance for the critical components and the toughest materials and finishes in the industry.  The music wire cable with reinforced inner core, industrial grade welded tubular steel frames and corrosion resistant ABS plastic and nylon components are all top grade material and engineered to last.


Cobra Pro is backed by Brasscraft Manufacturing Company and its more than 70-year reputation for quality. Cobra Pro products meet every industry standard with proven engineering and lasting quality.


Power Machines:

The right machines to power through any clog – from our high-torque hand-held model to our 40-Series with 1/3 horsepower motor. 

  • CP3020 Cable Drum Machine 3/8 in. x 75 ft. –  For clearing 2 in. to 4 in. pipes (floor drains, stack-outs and cleanouts)
  • CP2040 Cable Drum Machine 5/16 in. x 50 ft.  – For clearing 1 in. to 3 in. pipes (sinks, showers, tub drains and floor drains)
  • CP1020 Electric Spinner 5/16 in. x 25 ft. – For clearing 1 in to 2 in. pipes (sinks, showers and tub drains)


A dependable tool for a wide range of drain cleaning jobs.  Our drum auger features an auto-feed mechanism that feeds cable in and out of drains hands free and has a comfortable pistol grip for better control.

  • CP8030 Auto Feed Drum Auger 1/4 in. x 25 ft.

Toilet Augers:

A heavy-duty auger for both commercial and residential applications including high efficiency toilets. Featuring a non-slip handle, safety-guide tube and bowl guard and with either open hook or drop head.

  • CP4040 Manual Toilet Auger 1/2 in. x 3-6 ft.

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