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WaterSense® Make Sense! 

WaterSense® Make Sense!

Jill Shippy

The WaterSense® program encourages consumers to reduce their water usage through water saving products and services.  It also encourages making simple behavioral changes to help conserve water.  Think of it like Energy Star rated products – energy saving products.  WaterSense is the equivalent for water – water saving product and products good for the environment.

In many areas of the US, people don’t really think about saving water.  Yet for drought stricken areas like California, conserving water is mandated and water savings comes in part by using WaterSense labeled products such as toilets, shower heads and faucets. So why conserve water?

  • To minimize the effects of drought and water shortages
  • To reduce the amount of clean water that will become contaminated
  • To help reduce energy use, not only to get the water to the user, but the amount of energy and water used by an appliance
  • To help preserve our environment
  • To make water available for recreational purposes

The WaterSense label shows that the toilets, shower head or faucets have met Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria for product performance while using 20% less water than federal requirements yet still performing as well as or better than regular models. The WaterSense label assures a customer that the product is indeed a water saving product.

Brasscraft Manufacturing Company partnered with WaterSense for many of our toilet and faucet repair parts in 2009.  We continue to work with our engineers and suppliers as we develop and enhance our products to include the WaterSense certification criteria where possible.

From the EPA’s WaterSense website:

As part of the ongoing effort to continually improve the WaterSense program and its independent third-party certification process, EPA released Version 2.1 of the WaterSense Product Certification System in January 2016. EPA has made minor revisions to the product certification system to clarify and ensure equitable interpretation and enforcement of program requirements.

Use the links below to learn more about the WaterSense Product Certification System, Version 2.1 including a summary of the revisions.

Manufacturers must obtain all WaterSense-related product certifications (the WaterSense label) from an EPA licensed certifying body that is accredited to provide certification services for WaterSense.

Here are a couple more links to WaterSense information.

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