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And we are a HOUSE OF BRANDS!

For many years you have known us as Brasscraft, or BrassCraft, or Brass Craft.  You may also remember the name Speedway.   No matter what the name, it has been Brasscraft Manufacturing Company who for more than 70 years has been manufacturing and providing quality plumbing products.

Over the years we have listened to the needs of professionals and have expanded our brand portfolio – becoming a house of brands. You can think of the HOUSE OF BRANDS as parent and children – children have the same genetic make-up (foundation).  Each brand (child) offers a unique value proposition.

Offering multiple brands, each with a unique promise and value proposition, we are able to deliver solutions that satisfy the varied requirements of our customers.  It is our relationship with the professional plumber and the awareness of market demands that help define our brands.  The reputation of the plumbing professional is paramount and our house of brands offers the pro choices to fit the need of their project with confidence.

Today our house is made up of our BrassCraft®, Plumbshop® and Cobra® product lines, each with its own identity and customer promise.

The important thing to remember with all of our brands, they are all supplied by Brasscraft Manufacturing Company and our more than 70 years best in class product development, engineering, industry-leading test lab facilities and top-notch customer service.

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